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Summer 2006

We started out the summer festivities with a trip to California.

The boys loved Huntington Beach where we played in the waves and roasted hot dogs over an open fire for dinner.

Then we went to


We stayed in the Disney Grand Californian Hotel, which ruled.  In fact, we started out the Disney adventure with a character breakfast right there in the hotel.  Very cool.

Devon and Hayden’s favorite rides were Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Astro Blasters, and Soaring Over California.  (And we were just glad they’re both tall enough to go on everything.) YEA!! 

Our last day at the park, Hayden got stung by a bee behind his ear.  At first it saddened him, but we found both Goofy and Mickey in the health center, which was super cool.  They sat and chatted with Devon and Dana while Bill and Hayden went in the back to take care of Hayden’s ear.  Then we all visited for a bit.  It turned out to be a great ending to our Disneyland vacation.

Boating in Vegas at Lake Mead with the Bunns.  We did wakeboarding (which is very fun) and the kids went tubing and rode on the jet skis.  

Hayden's birthday luau

For Hayden’s big fifth birthday celebration we had a huge luau with 18 kids!  (We only do a “friend” party for the 5th birthday—not every year.)  They had a blast making their own leis, bombing each other with water balloons, dancing Hawaiian style, zooming down the zip line, and drinking smoking volcanic Hawaiian punch (from the dry ice, which is now one of Devon’s favorite things.)

We enjoyed having Aspen as a third child for three weeks in July while Linnea and Sterling were at the World Cup in Germany with mom and dad.  Of course, for Hayden’s party, we hired a sitter . . .

Of course, Idaho’s on the way to Montana, so we stopped in to say “hello” to the Lilyas.  Unfortunately Barbara was out of town, but we saw Nancy, Stacey, Holly, and their kids.  They were awesome to get the horses saddled up for the us.

Clark family reunion in MontanaBig Sky Wilderness Medical MeetingsYellowstone

We loved staying in these super nice cabins in Big Sky, Montana.  We sat in the hot tub every night.

Clearly this was before the kids learned in their survival class that one should NOT put rocks around a fire for fear of explosion . . .


Devon brought his BB gun to add a danger element to all the safety they were learning . . .

Bill and Dana had fun practicing our balloon tying skills for the kids before heading home.  We had a fantastic trip and reunion.  Oh, and that CME credit is just so helpful . . . he he.