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Text Box: Fall 2006
Text Box: The big event this Fall was Hayden starting Kindergarten!  He was sooo excited.  Here heís taking the shortcut to school through our back yard orchard, up the ladder into the neighbors and then just across the street to the school. 
Text Box: Best parts of Halloween this year:
Text Box: 4. Halloween party with piŮata.
Text Box: 3.  Trying to scare Little Red Aspen (though it didnít work)
Text Box: 2.  Candy, Candy, Candy . . . 
Text Box: 1. Home made Root BeeróDevonís idea.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with mom and dad and the Nickersons at our place, but evidently the only pictures we got are of the turkeys.† OK, so Haydenís a turkey (yes, thatís a turkey hat he made)óDevonís† an Indian chief.