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Sledding at Flat Iron Mesa Park: Devon, Hayden, and their friend Max.

Then, of course, we also have indoor winter activities . . .

Text Box: Captain Jack . . . Bunns
Text Box: And, of course, it’s not a “Bunn Christmas” without lots and lots of Star Wars Legos . . .
Text Box: And a scientific experiment.
Text Box: New Years =
Big Party with lots of YUMMY food!  
Text Box: Ah Chocolate Soufflé
Text Box: Ah BBQ
Text Box: Ah Sonic Ice . . .

Now for the Games. . .

Star Wars Monopoly

I believe this is called, “Smash the Baby.”

And Pirate games of all kinds

Text Box: In January . . . What a time to go!
Text Box: The gorgeous temple

This is our own private beach just out front of our bungalow!

Whale watching/snorkeling with spinner dolphins—super cool.

Text Box: The group: Michael Bunn, Dana & Bill Bunn,
Eric & Andrea (Bunn) Allred, and Daniel Bunn
Text Box: Kingsly,  Bill’s old missionary companion . . . and his family.

Dana & Bill with our friends from medical school, Matt & Maria Axtman, who live in Hawaii to pay back the Navy.

This is the waterfall we totally jumped off of and it was awesome.

Parasailing Oahu