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Top Ten Family Quotes of 2005


10.  We visited Daniel Bunn in Japan and took a trip to China.  Remark heard at the Great Wall.  “Now I know why they didn’t just call it the ‘Good Wall of China.’”


9.  Climbed to the top of Mt Fuji (12,390 ft). After six hours of trudging it was heard, “who’s idea was this again?”


8.  Clark family trip to San Diego in June.  Hayden remarked, “can we live at the beach house forever?”  Devon’s infamous request, “can we sit in the Soak Zone?” (Sea World).


7.  Devon started kindergarten this year.  After only one day he learned the lyrics to “Jingle Bells Batman     Smells” . . . A kindergarten requirement in Utah.  When Dana tried to do homework with him on a Saturday he promptly threw the papers across the room and quipped, “MOM, it’s my day off!”


6.  Questions of a five-year-old during Sacrament Meeting (12/04/04 at 9:30 AM).  “When can we go home?  How much longer ‘til this      is over?  How long until my birthday?  How long until Christmas?  When can we got to Jungle Jim’s (local play area)?  When are we going to Las Vegas? (Bill—”In a couple of months”)  How long is that?”


5.  Sunday,  February 6th during a quiet moment, a resonating “Bum, bum, bum, bumpaadum, bumpaadum” is heard.  Dana quickly responded, “Hayden, don’t sing the Darth Vader song during the          Sacrament.”


4.  One night at dinner Devon said, “Hayden and I are going bowling tonight.”  Dana, “Oh, you are?”  Devon, “yep, . . . want to   come?” Dana and Bill, “Sure.” So we up and went bowling on a Tuesday   night.:


3.  10:30 PM, Oct. 12.  Long after Devon was sent to bed he is found standing in the middle of his   bedroom wearing a Darth Vader Mask.  Bill— “It’s way past your bedtime”  Devon—”Your powers are weak old man.”


2.  Camping with the Bunn Family in July.  Devon and Hayden—”Can we have a BB gun?”  Bill—”Yes my sons as long as you use it f  or good and not evil.”  Dana— “Are you people insane?”  Bill, Devon, and Hayden—”Yes. . . . Yes we are.”


1.  “Merry Christmas” —Bill, Dana, Devon, and Hayden

Bunn’s Christmas Gallery 2005

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