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The Family Visits San Diego

June 18-25 2005

                     General Itinerary


Sat 18                      Fly to San Diego

                                 Play on the Beach

Sun 19                      Church, Visit Temple

                                 Lounge around Beach House

Mon 20                     San Diego Zoo

                                 Bon Fire on the Beach

Tues 21                    Sea World!

                                 Play on the Beach (Every spare moment)

Wed 22                    Wild Animal Park


Thurs 23                  Aquarium of the Pacific with Voges

                                 (Mike, Micky, Shawn, and Tori

                                 Medieval Times with more Voges

                                 (Mich, Ricky, Christian)

Fri 24                        Air Craft Carrier/ Lego Land

                                 Family Photos and Slide Show

Sat 25                     Really Good Mexican Food- Janine's Favorite

                                 Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

                                 Imax- Rhythms of the World

                                            Mysteries of the Nile

                                 Fly Home

The Beach

Weeks before the trip the Grandchildren were excited about "the Beach House." Sure enough, every chance they got, they'd be out on the beach playing in the sand. The water was a little cold, but that didn't stop them from getting into some wicked water fights with Uncle Sterling. They made beautiful sand castles, which they destroyed of course, and spent countless hours chasing each other around. In the end, several cubic tons of sand were thrown into eyes and ears, ingested, and flung into the sea. It was truly memorable.

San Diego Temple

Still building this part.