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The Air Show

Clarks, Collettes, Murdocks, Fitzners, and the Toblers couldn’t make it.  This is our yearly tradition to bbq at the park and watch the airshow on  Memorial  Day.  Thanks Cleveland!  And Thanks to you Blue Angel pilots!  Woo!

Squire's CastleText Box: Benson, can you get any cuter?

Yum! Weeds!  (dandelion pizza)


We love going to the Metroparks!  Squire’s Castle has lots of trails around it and a pond with croaking frogs! 

I am the perfect babysitter!

OctoberCuyahoga Valley National Park

Dinner time!  If I make our salads look all cool like this then Kyle thinks I’m an awesome chef!  The fact is, I just didn’t want to cook anything else.  And anyway, we love eating big salads. 

Brent looks way too tired to eat though.  Here, Dad will take care of the situation.
























Where are you boys hiding???

Benson, you’re not hiding anything!

Text Box: We love the our neighbors the Macks!

Brent and Aubrey love playing together. They especially  like to mix cold cereal in the mixer!   

Shanendoah National Park

While visiting the Bradleys in Virginia this month, we planned to spend a day in Shenandoah, which is known for it’s majestic autumn colors.  As luck would have it, rain and fog drenched the air.  But we still got our photos, and it actually created a cool misty look, even though we couldn’t see any vistas.  

The Appalachian Trail

Shawn Jay and I hiked through this very spot six years ago (Oct 2001) when we hiked a few hundred miles of the AT. Coming back was a real treat. We could not see the views because of the dense fog, but the colors were wonderful, just as I remember them.

Happy Halloween!

So, Katie and I planned an awesome Halloween party for the boys.  Katie made this huge, awesome baseball piñata and filled it with cool toys, balls, and candy.  The boys took turns whacking it.  Months later Josh is still asking to go into the basement to hit the ball.  And Brent still wears his Buzz Lightyear costumed whenever he wants to blast-off “to infinity and beyond!” 

As for Katie, Tucker, Kyle and I, we had a donut eating contest-you know, the kind where you hang the donut from a string and eat with no hands.  Except we only used 1/2 donuts ...cause we’re wimps.   It was hilarious!  For some reason, Katie and I couldn’t stop laughing during our (the girl’s) competition.  I almost choked to death –which would have been a terrific Halloween tragedy, but I did win !

Text Box: What great little buddies!

On Halloween we took the boys to just a few houses on our street.  Brent had made this cat bag at Dylan Francis’s Halloween party.  The suckers were a big hit with both boys!

NovemberSeptemberHAPPY 30th KELLY!

Hey Jayna!  What a cutie-pie!  Jayna has a really fun tent full of balls –the boys love it. 

We thought for sure Brent would pass out from all that blowing! 

Brent chased these geese across a big field and down to the pond, where they finally escaped.

Squishy Cheeks!

We treated our friends, Cindy and Leo Johnson , to a fancy dinner at “Open Seas Fine Cuisine”.

Rushleigh Road