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Spring 2008

Just as we were looking forward to those spring bluebirds and daffodils, we got the heaviest snow storm ever!  Cleveland is not prepared for or skilled in snow this deep.  We were pushing cars that got stuck on the street in front of our house.


 … In like a lion, out like a lamb

Thank you Tucker and Katie, for spending your spring break with us!  Fortunately, the snow had melted by then, but unfortunately, they all got sick.  Sorry!!! 


But we’re grateful we got to meet that adorable little Bailey!

And then we went to Tucker and Katie’s house for our spring break.  We went to DC just in time to catch the Cherry Blossom Festival, featured at the top of this page.  It was beautiful!  I am grateful Kyle did the dental implants seminar in DC (every month) so that I could come stay with my awesome sister for a weekend—when driving conditions were good.  It was great having Cheryl there this time too!  Brent and Josh are such good little buddies!

The Temple of our Lord in Washington D.C.

Brent is just having a normal??  conversation with Cheryl.  Why is she so funny!

Cheryl…..lost in paradise

April - May

The Office!

Case Dental Senior Dinner and Awards

Gibb & Jordana Fitzner

Us –ooohh, we look good!

Casey & Kisha Murdock

Dave & Cathy Collette

Darren & Amy Norby

Dr. Potts

Euclid Creek

It’s impossible to keep the kids out of the water!  Okay, the truth is I totally empathize with them –doesn’t it look fun!

While Trevor taught Brent how to read, Dave and Cathy made us lettuce wraps and crème brulee.  I love those Collettes!

Yeah -the Bradleys!

Benson is the kind of person who will always stop to smell the flowers! (even if that means blowing his nose on them until he gets the hang of sniffing). He loves flowers!  But he is also fascinated with rocks, sticks, and bugs –as is Brent.  We love you Benson!

So, after warming up in a towel a bit, they decided to go back for round 2!

We love running through the SPRINKLER!

When Brent is a Grandpa he’ll be telling the story…. “When I was a kid, there were no roads –just grassy fields.  Cars were small back then, and we had to push them uphill –both ways….”

This bush actually blossoms those HOT PINK flowers in the spring!  A nice compliment to ….the house?

Rushleigh Neighborhood Farewell Party

Ahhh!!  I’m flying!!!  Brent loved this!  Thanks Aaron!  Benson, as you can tell, loved the little horse toy –got a little carried away on it!  He also thought it was pretty funny when I would roll him around on the tickly grass.

Congratulations Dr. Clark!


You’re awesome Kyle!  Remember during those first few weeks of Dental School –you would come home each day and optimistically say, “well, that’s one less day I have to go to dental school.”  You did great, and you’re finally done!  Just look at how excited Brent and Benson are. 

Thanks Mom and Dad, for being here to help us celebrate this joyous day. 


Benson loves his Grandpa!  Besides Mom and Dad, he hasn’t snuggled up to anyone else.

Memorial Day

Silly Kids!