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Summer FUN!june

For some reason Benson wanted to roll down this grassy, wet hill.  The boys love feeding ducks down on MLK Blvd.

We got along without our kitchen table, which we sold to the Wildes, for about a week. 


In May Kyle drove Little Blue, all packed up, out to Utah, where he spend a week doing business, then flew back.  By the end of June we  packed up all our stuff in the ABF truck –a great way to go!  Then we all got to drive across the country together! 

Kyle in his cube at the Dental School at

Case Western Reserve.  It’s been a great four years!  But no more preceptors –yeah!

We are so grateful we sold our house before we left Ohio!  The Lord truly answered our prayers.

...moving...Brent & Aubrey...best friends

This is the beautiful anniversary cake I made.  It was my first ever attempt at a multi-level cake...tiered, is that what they call it?  And cake decorating!  The worst part of it was that it tasted horrible.  Oh well –Happy Anniversary anyway Kyle!


Brent was so excited to go on his first fishing trip.  At first he and Benson were a little leery about touching the herring (bait), but it didn’t take long before they were holding them.  We went fishing in LA on the 4th of July, then watched fireworks over the sea port from the shore.

So, Burke had a great idea.  Since Brent really wanted to catch a fish, we baited it and let him cast it into the water, then reel it back in.  And...ta da!  There was a fish on his hook!  What a great fisherman!

Disney CruisePirate
NightON BOARD THE DISNEY MAGICcabo san lucasMazatlanPuerto Vallarta           Clark
                 VacationWe Love Utah

Summer 2008

Hobble Creek Manor

We stayed at HCM for about 6 weeks until our house became available.  Lots of long explores and adventures, clearing trails, walks up the canyon, swimming in the pool, and mule rides.

But I think Brent and Benson most liked picking raspberries in the garden.  Benson would always lead me to the door saying, “oooohh berries!”


Looks pretty daunting eh Kyle?  Especially with el chancho on your back.  Well, we didn’t make it all the way up, but we did have a nice visit with Gary at his place.

The Big Fat Bunch Family ReunionText Box: We kept it local –well, local for most of us anyway.  Right here in Provo.  Shawn & Brooke, Danilee & Jacob had a lot of fun activities for us.  One of our favorites was a video scavenger hunt, starring… ourselves!  It was hilarious to watch everyone’s creative, sparkling personalities come out.  My favorite had to have been when Jacob, driving his car, was lip-syncing  Celine Dion, “...cause I’m your lady...and you are my man”.  

Everyone enjoyed our “handicap hike” and rock climbing up rock canyon.  Boy am I grateful for my left arm and my baby backpack!  And for Kendal’s sight!  Kyle wasn’t here for this activity. He was closing on the  office –yeah!  (No photos). 

But Kyle had a blast taking photos of all of us on a ginormous slip n’ slide!  Here are some highlights!  Very fast, very fun!
Text Box: Kyle and Ricky were all about the alkaselzer/coke geysers.  They made several and schemed up how they could make a full-on 24th of July production.  A good time was had by all.
Families are ForeverCul-de-sac of FireJuly 24thText Box: Camping and Hiking in AF Canyon

We were so excited to take the boys camping for the first (and last) time this summer.  It started out great.  We played in the river a bit and were even successful at keeping the kids from soaking themselves.  We hiked around a bit then Kyle and Brent made a fire.  Brent loved this and it’s still one of his favorite thing to play in the backyard.  They loved roasting mallows too.  We all huddled in our little 2-man tent for a cozy nights sleep.  I couldn’t get to sleep forever, then Benson woke up somewhere around 3:00 and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  I had to keep him from climbing out of the blankets and freezing and waking up Kyle and Brent.  By 6:00 am we were out of the tent, had our coats on, and were in the car all ready to go home.  Kyle and I decided that sure, we can take the boys camping –we’ll just come home to sleep!   
Text Box: Brent is our trusty trail guide here.  He and Benson read about every letter and number on this sign.

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