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Clarks– Autumn 05

Soul Train


Four of us bike to school in the Fall and Spring and call ourselves the Soul Train. We form a line and draft off each other. We like to think we’re pretty hard core, but as you can see from this picture, we’re just pretty. My friend Nate wears a ridiculous spandex outfit so Kelly and I picked out this nice wife-beater at DI, complete with wrist and head bands (I’m glad you can’t see the shorts) to make fun of him. I think I just made fun of myself though. Anyway, this wound up in a school slide show so I’ve heard a lot about it. This photo should be viewed wile listening to Eye of the Tiger.

Air Show


You would have loved this Curtis, although I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of them. They had an air show over Lake Eire and we went down to a park and had a nice BBQ with our friends. These planes were great. They had the tricksters, the bombers, and the speed demons.

It’s a Boy!


This is the day we found out we were having a boy! It was great to see his little hands, and long feet. We’re excited about our newling.

Biking the Metro Parks


In Ohio you have to get a little creative, as you’ve already seen from Hillbilly night and Feeding the Birds, but one thing we like to do is mountain bike, but without the mountains. There are some substantial hills in some of the Metro Parks (huge forested areas inside the cities) and we’ve found some great trails to ride (and jump) on. Unfortunately we’ve sustained several injuries already including a pneumothorax and a night in the hospital by our friend Gibb. I laid my bike down on the way there one morning and I’m still limping a little months later, but it’s great fun!

Rafting the Upper Galley– West Virginia


Kelly was a little too far along for this one so she stayed back at camp, but wow, this was wild! A huge group of Dental student goes down to West Virginia each ear and rents out a whole rafting company. This river has five class V rapids and countless class IVs. After the first hit which wasn’t even a class V, the boat behind us was completely empty and we had to drag people out of the water into our boat. I noticed blood on them and I knew I’d made a big mistake. They say on the Upper Galley no one falls out of the raft… they get violently ejected from it! After a few hard hits I was feeling good and switched with the guy up front who is hard to see because he’s trying to escape the thunder. That put me first in line… bad idea. When I looked over the first water fall, I was quickly  assured that my mistake had now worsened as a huge wave of 50 degree water pounded over me. I hung on though, and was one of the few to do so. This is a seriously impressive river.

The Big Surprise


Ever had a surprise so wild that you can’t breath for several minutes and you just stand there paralyzed from the waist down? We did. Sunday night, and we’re getting ready for bed when we hear a nock at the door. After some inaudible exclamation I here Kelly yell up from downstairs, “Kyle… Your Parents are HERE!” What? I just talked to my Dad less than an hour ago and he was headed back to Hobble Creak from Buddha’s. I quickly ran downstairs and sure enough there they were, Dad with a pile of mail in hand and all, these were no imposters. “Come on out and help us bring some things in.” “….Okay…” As we walked out I expected to see a rental car, they must be on their way to a business meeting and stopped in. Nope, there to my amazement was the Outback. As the implications of this set in I thought was I was loosing it… all those days they must have been traveling across this huge country, fields of corn, endless, horrible, mind-boggling fields of corn! Wow. Now that’s a surprise. They cam all the way out to see us and brings us wonderful gifts for the newborn, the car was full of them– cribs, car seats, bassinette, everything.  We had a great time with them. They even took us out and helped us fix up the house. To top it all off, they showed us a flight schedule with their names on it for Monday morning. “But… what about the Outback?” “We don’t need it anymore.”


He brought this stroller from Utah… BY CAR!

These are just some of the gifts Grandma and Grandpa brought for their twelfth grandchild.

Together again. I can’t believe they are so far from home. We now refer to them as Little Blue, and Big Brother.



Thanksgiving was great in Utah. Thanks for the Baby Showers and cool cakes! Dana and Linnea made this very interesting dessert. The frosting tastes dirty, and Talibug agrees with me, but I saw her eat the whole head off that purple bear. Go figure.

Cleveland– Winter again


With school and the cold weather bearing down on me I’ve turned again, as I often do, to trying something new with lighting. I’ve taken some cool stuff now of our friend’s baby with this extreme side lighting. Wait till you see our Junior!

Rushleigh Manor


Christmas Eve! Kelly wood burned this wooden sign today. On the other side it says, “For unto you is born this day a Savior which is Christ the Lord.” We got this beautiful tree from Wal-Mart for $16! Dana’s knitted stockings are hanging over our fire place, and her ornament is on the tree. The mantle is full of Christmas cards, and thanks for all the gifts under the tree! We’re excited to open them up tomorrow morning. We love our home.