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Clarks– Spring 05

Branch Luau


Kelly and I were on the activities committee and this is one of the parties we threw– a full scale luau with parrots and stuff. Now Kelly is in the Relief Society presidency and I’m a Branch Missionary.

Easter at Rushleigh Manor


This was our first Easter together. We had fun pointing eggs, you know… Easter stuff.


Spring Break– Florida


So after a long Cleveland winter, Kelly and I had had enough. We had recently made our own double sleeping bag/quilt and we really missed the outdoors… Let’s see, where can we go to get away from the cold… Florida? We found a flight for dirt cheap the next day and booked it. This trip was great. Alligators, swamps, beaches, sunshine, even mosquitoes. We camped or slept in the car and covered some ground– Big Cyprus National Preserve, Everglades National Park, the Keys, and Miami.

The Everglades are fascinating. They are an immense vast of very shallow water, some fresh, some salt. These Cyprus trees live in either. This is the only place on earth where crocodiles and alligators live in the same ecosystem. We tried to see a croc, but we saw TONS of alligators.

They say their brains are the size of walnuts, but I suggest that they are much smaller than that. This is about the most I ever saw one do. I told Kelly to make it do something cool, but she thought I was joking.

Pelicans galore in Florida

I just beat Kelly at a game of speed on a dock in Key West, as you can see, this doesn’t happen often!

I thought this was an awesome photo of New York. Nailed it through an airplane window!

I thought this would be great for a Yoga magazine. This isn’t posed, Keebs actually does this kind of stuff… naturally?

Rushleigh Manor in Spring 1-May-05

Our yard comes alive in the spring. Daffodils, tulips, and the whole gamut.

Cinco de Mayo

One year from our engagement on top of Rattlesnake Point!


Kirtland Temple


Spring is a great time to get out and see the church history sites out here. Kirtland is just 20 minutes away.


Here’s Kelly identifying the local foliage. She got a trees and shrubs ID book for her birthday.



This day of hiking Squaw Peak and playing tennis began what may go down in history as the most adventurous summers of all time, including a week on the Anasazi trail, California, White Sands New Mexico, 12 National Parks, an Alaskan Cruise, and the Canadian Rockies.