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Clarks– Summer 05

AKA– “Organic Summer 05”



We had the rare opportunity of walking the trail together, as a married couple. Only one other couple had done this before, and they didn’t get to be in the same group. It was a great week. It was an alumni camp and we had four awesome boys. It was the first time I’ve ever had a camera on the trail so I went to town photographing insects, boys hanging over treacherous cliffs, and most importantly, Kelly and myself making hilarious faces with our new canteen, gatherings pouch, and trail sign (I burnt that beetle in using the sun’s rays and one of the lenses from my camera!).

White Sands New Mexico


This place is amazing. I’ve wanted to go there for several years and I finally got my chance. We had a little time in Arizona before we went on the trail with Anasazi. We were “looking” for places we might want to live and start a practice… and of course, that entails exploring all the surrounding landscapes. I still dream about this white wasteland. It is the world’s largest exposed deposit of gypsum sand. We had only part of one day here, but it was truly remarkable. I prayed for a good sunset and it came– three hundred and sixty degrees of intense purples, reds, and oranges. We’d never seen anything like it. I sprinted from yucca to yucca cranking on f-stop wheels and zoom heads, all the time laughing and crying like a child. It lasted all of ten minutes and was gone. Now I’m left with a surreal memory of this beautiful land, and photos that perhaps intrigue my friends and family more than any I’ve ever taken.

Joshua Tree National Park and LA


Kelly and I slipped out to California to see her sister’s family- Shelly, Ricky, and Emma. They had a little Rachael on the way and we hoped to get in on the excitement. She came later though.

We drove through Joshua Tree on the way back. It is popular for bouldering, a rock climbing thing. The rock looks like sand stone but it’s granite and perfect for hanging on.


That’s Kelly on the beach in California. I caught her between tossing a football around with Ricky.

Kelly is a machine when it comes to making fire by friction.

Osoyoos Canada


Before our Alaskan Cruise, Kelly and I visited her Grandpa Fish for a few days in British Colombia. As you can tell by his name, he’s a fisherman, so he took us fishing… two whole days in a row! It was fun watching Kelly do a little Dentistry of her own.

San Diego


We spent a fabulous week in San Diego with the whole Clark family. This is better show under “Get Togethers.” We spent the week in beach houses near Sea World and had a great time together.



General Itinerary

2-Jul              Set sail from Vancouver on Princess

3-Jul              At Sea

4-Jul              Ketchikan

                                 Rain Forest Wildlife Sanctuary

5-Jul              Juneau

                                 Whale Watching

                                 Photo Safari by land and sea

6-Jul              Skagway

                                 Yukon Expedition and White Pass Scenic Railway

                                 Ice-cream and at beautiful Carcross

7-Jul              Glacier Bay

8-Jul              College Fjord

9-Jul              Whittier

                      Coach to Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

                      Float trip– Kenai National Park– Saw a Black Bear and tons of Eagles

                      Saw 5 Grizzlies on the Russian River

10-Jul             Church in Seward with Jarad & Jewels

11– Jul           Kenai to Mount Mckinley Lodge (Hayden’s Birthday)

12-Jul             Coach to Talkeetna

                      Rail to Denali–

                                 Stayed in Denali Wilderness Princess Lodge

13-Jul             Natural History Tour of Denali NP

                      Rail to Fairbanks

14-Jul             Discovery River Boat trip

                      Trip to North Pole! (Santa was out to lunch unfortunately)

                      Flight to Fort Yukon inside the Arctic Circle

15-Jul             Fly from Fairbanks to Anchorage to Vancouver

17-Jul             Fly to Utah



As you can see from the itinerary, this was one heck of a trip. We covered the entire panhandle of Alaska, slipped into Canada’s Yukon where the Gold Rush took place, and kept moving north all the way to the Arctic Circle. We learned a lot about wildlife, Eskimos, geology, and the history of Alaska. The Cruise Ship treated us like Kings, and we ate like walruses. I’ll have to do a better write-up on the whole thing because it was simply wonderful. It was great just having out terribly busy parents all to ourselves for that long! It was awesome.

This is how crazy it got up there. Dad with a beard? Feast your eyes because you may never see it again!

Canadian Rockies


Talk about an amazing place. We slipped up to Glacier/Watterton National Peace Park and did a little backpacking just to top off the summer. The best wildflowers on earth grow here by the millions, and in every color. We did a nice three day hike over Stony Indian Pass which starts in Glacier on the U.S. side and end in Watterton on the Canadian side. We had to hitch back to the U.S. do to Idiot Ranger Syndrome we ran into, but this only added to our adventure. We did several day-hikes in Banff, Kootenay, and Yoho. All the wile Kelly was pregnant with little Sideburns so this was quite a feat. Wow. The lake (above) is my favorite lake on earth. It’s called Moraine lake, and it’s in Banff. That’s the true color! It blew me away. This was a great way to end the best summer ever.

We strolled through fields of wildflowers and scrabbled over rocks on the edge of glaciers.

This is how things usually looked by the end of the day– pretty wasted.

Back to School– Cleveland Ohio


This is n front of a nice Art Museum by Case. Our campus is full of amazing museums, Botanical Gardens, and Concert Halls. Left to right are my friends, Gibb, Nate, Dave, Me, and Ben. The first two both served in my mission.