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Clarks– Winter 05

Feeding the Birds


So what do you do in January in Ohio? Feed the birds. These babies are voracious when you pull the seeds out, they’ll go right for the bag if you let them. We go out to Squire’s Castle Metro Park when the snow gets deep and feed the birds!

This guy landed right on my head!

At most I actually had three on me at the same time, both shoulders and one on top.

Ice Climbing


Mom’s not going to like this one! My first ice-climbing experience. It was AWESOME! It’s way harder than it looks though, sitting around Dental School is no good on the arms. This was in Hocking Hills just south of Columbus.



Kelly got certified to do real-estate around the first of the year. This is the photo I took of her for her business cards and newsletters. Who wouldn’t buy from her!

Hillbilly Night


Okay now you’re getting a real glimpse into our life in Ohio. It’s gets a little dull sometimes so we get creative. These are our friends from left to right the Collettes, Roukemas, and Toblers. Each couple had to do a hillbilly skit, each of which nearly killed us from laughter.


Here’s Kelly crossing a really sketchy log on our way back from ice-climbing,

(a really sketchy sport).

Kelly on another sketchy log.