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South Green Metro Park

Fall is awesome in Ohio. We try to get out a little and do a little exploring. Brent had a good time in his backpack until he fell asleep in it!

Clarks– Fall 06

Brent grows ever larger and more powerful. He is making his presence known in the house now... and is ever cuter.

Helping in the kitchen. He LOVES the dishwasher.

Geauga Lake

The Toblers treated us to a day at Geauga Lake. They have tons of rides and a nice water park. With another one on the way we mostly stuck to the wave pool and the lazy river.

Our entire year’s crop of corn. We have a lot to learn about farming.

Our Papaya tree flowered this year at the end of the season, but temperatures forced us to bring it inside. Conditions weren’t right to fruit, but it kept on throwing out flowers for several weeks!

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Fall family photos at South Green Metro Park

These were all taken in about a minutes time during dinner.

Is that Dana’s blood running through his veins?

 Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Most people don’t believe us when we tell them there is a National Park a half hour away. There are very few on this side of the country, but this one is right here.

By this time Brent has become quite proficient at crawling. He followed me in the grass for some distance while Kelly laughed and took pictures.

Squires Castle– Another Metro Park we like to visit… especially beautiful in the autumn.

We had a gorgeous pepper crop this year, much better than our wimpy corn.

There are some very large steelhead in Ohio… I just haven’t caught any of them yet, but here’s me trying.

Feeding Brent can be quite tricky. Here’s his first taste of a popsicle.

We decided to have a random party night and get Brent some balloons. He loved them, and of course, we loved watching and photographing him (and eating BillBunn’s Bunt Cake.

Brent LOVES the keyboard. We can’t keep him away from it. This is what we plan on getting him for Christmas. He goes nuts over them.

ADA Annual Session– Las Vegas

I went to the annual session again, this time in Las Vegas (Dental Conference). I stayed at the Bunn’s house. Here are some of the non-dental highlights: Fountains of Bellagio, Chocolate fountains, and best of all- the Ansel Adams Gallery.

Rushleigh Road in October– very nice.

Brent’s first Halloween costume– a giraffe. Kelly did the fly-fishing thing, and Kyle the bebop burger boy.



Brent enjoys late-season gardening... Which apparently involves tasting the soil for quality.

Another of Brent’s favorites is the colorful connector foam stuff. He gets inside and pushes the walls down, thus moving the box all over the house.

Palmyra, NY

I got to take the Young Men to Palmyra and Niagara Falls. My battery died after these photos.

Washington DC- Thanksgiving Break

We had such a blast with Kelly’s friend Becky Boyce in New York two years ago that we spent another Thanksgiving holiday with her… this time in DC. We saw many of the Smithsonian's, the White House, the Monuments, Capital, National Geographic headquarters, DC Temple, and more. It was a blast. Becky Carter was here for the whole week and got to experience DC with us. Becky had just received her call to Brazil, so we were glad to spend time with her before she goes.

DC Temple

This was a great experience, and as you can see we arrived in beautiful light.

Just thought I’d throw in the delicious Thai Pizza Kelly made when we got back home.