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Clarks– Spring 07

A few highlights from our week with the Nickersons!


It was great to have Mom and Dad out for Benson’s baby blessing.  That’s 2 for 2 blessed on Easter day!


Brent loves playing outside!  Especially when it involves a slide or … directing traffic.

Although he hasn’t gotten into too much trouble yet, we went ahead and took his mug shots.  He seemed to be most cooperative in the bath.

And deep down in little Brent Warner lies a true techi (gets if from his Dad),  a real monkey (don’t know where that comes from), and a sweet big brother!

Brent had ear infections in both ears.  Poor kid!  He wouldn’t eat or drink anything for days.  We were trying to make it as fun as possible –giving him lots of choices.  Kyle couldn’t believe it when Brent swiped them all onto the floor.

The nights became warm  and we were finally able to move our indoor garden  outside!


We had an awesome Thai dinner with the Bunns and the Riggs.  I especially loved the mango drink.  Yum!

Cameron and Benson –what cute cousins!  And only 5 days apart. 

 Now we know who the real photographer in the family is!

Shawn had the kids mesmerized by his amazing juggling skills.

Shawn led us all in many outdoor games, including bad mitten– his favorite right now.  He is a great teacher!

And hey ya’ll—remember our yellow house in Pleasant Grove?  It seemed so big back then.

Brent loves playing with his cousin, Josh, on their farm.  Their favorite thing to do is stand at the window and baaaa like the sheep out in the field.

Benson and his 2nd cousin, Austin Fridal.

Aspen & Cameron

The Warners of Power!

Benson meets his cousin Cameron for the 1st time

And this is the true reason for our visit