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And the livin’ is easy!

Yeah Brooke and Mason!  They came out to visit Krystal and Bryce, and us too, of course.  So we went to Turtle Park and let Brent and Mason play together.  Thanks for coming, and next time we want Shawn here too!

So we took Brent out to the Cuyahoga County Airport to get a closer look at the planes taking off and landing.  We did see a plane or two, but what he really got excited about was the little league baseball team!  The coach was so nice to give Brent one of their balls.

Jewels came to visit –yeah!  We went to Nelson Ledges State Park.  It was really cool.  As you can see in the picture below on the right, there were huge rocks and ledges with trickling waterfalls.  We hiked until the storm clouds sounded their warning, then we played on the swings a bit before heading home.  Kyle thought it would be fun to teach Brent how to scare us.  They hid behind a tree and when we walked by….”AAAAHHH!”  Now scaring is one of Brent’s favorite games.         

Brent, of course, loves washing the car.  He gets to take his clothes off, play with the hose, get all wet, and wipe, wipe, wipe! 

We had some friends over for ice cream pie -raspberry cheesecake and peanut butter.  They were a big hit!  So were the makeshift digeriedoos! (below)

           Happy Anniversary!

So for our 3rd anniversary we went to the finest French restaurant in town –La Pierre’s.  Okay, it was really the Collette’s house.  But the food was excellent and the service was even better.  We got to do the same thing for them on their special night out, and have been making somewhat of a habit out of it.  What can we say –we’re gourmet chefs!  And we love eating good food! 

JULYJohn Johnson HomeHyrum Ohio

Joseph and Emma stayed in this room for several months.  It was here that Joseph was tarred and feathered, and where their baby boy died as a result of an illness he’d caught that night from the windows being left open. 

In this upper room the Prophet Joseph worked on translating the scriptures.  He received many revelations that are now recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants, including the vision recorded in D&C 76.  Joseph and Sidney Rigdon saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and received revelation concerning the three degrees of glory


Yummm! Ice Cream!

6 months

Click to watch these suckers blossom

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Carter Family ReunionCamping at Payson Lakes

Jarad got his 1st job with the airlines and is living in Virginia Beach, VA!  Yeah!

“No, you don’t mess around with this stuff Dylan.  This is the real deal.  There is nothing hotter than Huy Fong’s Chili Paste. Strait from the Orient dude.

That goes for you too Benson! 

The Camping Comb - in 3 easy steps:

1.   Wet the hair until it drips on your shirt

2.  Using both hands and wrists push the bangs up from your forehead

3.  Shut your eyes tight and lean right to catch the drips with your sleeve. 

Text Box: Voila!

It rained and hailed on us like crazy!  We were all  taking cover under the canopy  until it let up just enough to make a run for the tents!  Brent’s clothes were sopping!  Here he takes on the hue of Shawn’s green tent as he dances to silly songs on the guitar.   A fun time was had by all!

The Work Project

Everyone helped bundle  the huge pile of wooden shingles into small burnable stacks.   Dad was a pro.  As you can see, everyone was hard at work!  

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