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Dearest Family

and Friends,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope you know we’re thinking of you and wishing you well.

Clark is 10 and in 4th grade. He likes soccer and baseball. He recently discovered football as his hew favorite recess activity. His favorite color is green and his favorite food is Mexican. When Clark grows up he wants to be either a pilot or an architect. (Is he his Daddy’s son or what?) He likes Calvin & Hobbes, telling jokes, putting on magic shows, inventing things, writing his own comic books, chess, airplanes, legos, and origami. He can hardly wait for our trip to Idaho to ride the cousins’ horses.

Linnea is 8 and in 2nd grade. The highlight of her year was her baptism. She was so excited about it. Her favorite color is light blue and she likes Italian food. Linnea enjoys swimming, drawing, writing notes, singing, and playing on the computer. She is a good student and thoughtful friend. She likes dancing and playing the piano. She has a fascination with Australian marsupials, especially the Koala. We are amazed as week after week she brings home one library book after another on that same subject.

Natalie is 6 and in kindergarten. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and her favorite foods are grapes, olives, and pickles. Natalie loves ladybugs. She’s very friendly and enjoys making friends anywhere and everywhere with people she has not yet met. Here she’s making friends with the Lorikeets at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We had a great time staying in beach houses in San Diego with the Clark Family this summer. After a fun day of playing on the beach, Natalie was in the bath trying to wash all the sand off when she said, “ Well, now we know why they named this place ‘Sandy Eggo!’”

Karina is 3 and looks forward to her 2-hour preschool class twice a week. She likes pink and eats almost everything except strawberries. (It’s hard to believe she’s my daughter!) She has decided that she is not a baby anymore and likes to be included in everything the older kids are doing, even housework. One of her big accomplishments this year was being toilet-trained. (Actually Janine’s mom trained her while we were in China and Japan with the Bunns. We should have realized what a great system that was before!) She loves coloring, drawing, writing her “letters,” singing, and reciting anything the older kids are trying to memorize. Here she proudly displays her jack-o-lantern that she really did all by herself.

Curtis’ architecture firm is very busy. He’s financial clerk for our ward. Janine enjoys being 2nd counselor in the Primary. The kids have lots of schoolwork and activities. Life gets kind of crazy sometimes, but we figure that after scaling the Great Wall of China (below) and reaching the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan (12,390 feet, left,) we should be able to at least work on whatever gets thrown our way. We appreciate all the love and support we feel from you. You mean so much to us and we hope this new year brings many blessings to you.


Love, The Miners