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Riggs Family

Winter 2006

Our world revolves around Aspen.  In our free time, Sterling goes to Medical School, and Linnea can be found weaving, sewing, cooking, or most likely at the Bunns.

Aspen’s first time swimming.  She wasn’t sure of it at first, but quickly caught on to the vision.

Bath time is the best time at our house.  Aspen dunks her head and then laughs hysterically as she coughs for breath.

We watched the Miners for a week while Janine and Curtis were on their cruise.  We never knew what Karina would have on next. 

Building forts in our teeny front room is a favorite for Aspen and the Bunn boys.  The boys build it, and Aspen destroys it.

Aspen is now pulling up on everything possible, claps, waves, and says, “mamum, dada, and nana (banana)”.  People often ask if she’s always “that happy”, and all we can say is, yes, yes she is.

Yes, that is a broom in Sterling’s hand.  Cold winter mornings bring out our creative side...whatever gets the job done the fastest wins.

During the Miner week, we went bowling, had indoor picnic/movie parties, a sleepover at the Bunns’, and sledding at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  Oh yeah, and did lots and lots and lots of homework!

Aspen 10 months sporting a beautiful dress designed and created by Dana.