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Strawberry Days Rodeo

Summer 2006


Flying First Class….

Ahhhhh yeah….

We went to Europe with Linnea’s parents and left Aspen home with Linnea’s sister, Dana.  We planned on visiting Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, but somehow slipped in Czech Republic, Austria, and France.  Linnea’s dad is still disappointed we didn’t make it to Poland.  It is impossible to show all the pictures and tell all the stories, but some highlights included visiting Linnea’s mission, going to the 2nd largest concentration camp, seeing where Martin Luther translated the Bible, attending the Semi-Final World Cup game (Germany vs. Argentina), hiking the Matterhorn in Switzerland, attending an opera in the famous opera house “La Scala” in Milan Italy, etc., etc., etc…..  What a blast!

San Diego

The very next week after Europe, we went to San Diego with the Riggs.  We had a wonderful time on the beach and with Sterling’s family!!  At Sea World, Aspen’s favorite animals included the stingrays, the sharks, and the penguins. 

Big Sky Montana