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Aspen’s first Easter!  She was so curious and excited about everything.  When she found her basket she said, “wow” and then looked at us as if to obtain permission before approaching the treasure.

Goodies included bubbles, beach toys, and Aspen’s first taste of candy……..or so we thought.  Devon confessed of having given Aspen pop rocks among other things.  Aspen turned into a candy monster and we had to hide the candy from her.  It didn’t work.  She would point to the cupboard and squeal for the treats.

We had a whole weekend of celebrations for Sterling’s 26th birthday.  We started out with the Clark family going to see “Black Holes” at the Clark Planetarium.  We were all educated about the “spaghettification” process as one approaches a black hole.  The festivities were capped off by a fun lunch at The Dodo restaurant.

Linnea made two gourmet birthday cakes (thanks to Grandma’s daisy pan) for the two birthday boys.  Sterling and his brother Duane share the same birthday.

We filled our condo to maximum capacity for this great event.  Aspen woke up from her nap to a room full of balloons, streamers, gifts, and family.  What a spoiled and loved one year old.

Aspen has a new discovered freedom with walking.  Along with this freedom comes more bumps, bruises and rules.  Family rule #1:  Do not put mom’s make-up in the toilet.  Rule #2:  If you do put mom’s make-up in the toilet, do not put it in your mouth.