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Baby Cameron is Here!!

Name:  Cameron Sterling Riggs

Date:  January 29, 2007

Time:  5:08 p.m.

Weight:  7 lbs. 8 oz.

Height:  21 inches

The year started off with watching the Bunn boys.  With only two weeks until due date, Hayden kept practicing how to take care of a baby.  He sat in that chair and rocked the “baby” for hours. 

At first we thought the influence went only from the boys toward Aspen.  But…..

For the next two weeks or so, we just sat around and anxiously awaited the birth of Cameron.  After 24 hours of FALSE labor we got a call that KELLY had had her baby.  Although we were excited for her, this news made our wait seem endless.  Five long days later…..

Sterling got to deliver his little boy.

Ya so, we think he’s cute.

Do we need an explanation for this picture of Aspen? 

Grandma came to take care of the baby, the mother, and Aspen.  Thank Heavens!  (And thanks to Kyle and Kelly for waiting patiently for Grandma to come to Ohio!)

Aunt Kerinne came for the weekend to spoil...I mean play with baby Cameron.  She taught Aspen ballet, and left her with a DVD of dancing princesses.  Aspen is now a permanent dancing princess.

Ok, so we were so excited to have so much family here for the blessing that we didn’t actually take any pictures of any of them.  But thanks to the Miners, Bunns, Ammon Riggs Family, and both sets of Grandparents for coming!

Being a big sister is an exhausting  job.